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I went to my friend poppy's party she is in the princess👸 book I liked the party so much that poppy inspired me to have my own

Posted by Emily. Pampered on 5th march

I have used Sparkleworks for 3 of my daughters parties now and every single one has been fantastic, they were all different and thoroughly enjoyable. From a parents point of view Sarah totally takes the stress of the party away and you can actually enjoy the event yourself all while the children are having a great time. Sarah is brilliant with the girls, I have used her for my daughters 8th (Make Over Party) 11th (Make Over Photo Shoot Party) and 12th (Totally Teens Pamper party) birthday and it was also my daughter who requested to have Sarah back. Massive thank you.

Posted by Julie Woodhouse. Pampered on Dec 2015

Lovely party for my daughters 10th birthday. Chloe and Lucy were fab. Highly recommended

Posted by Leanne . Pampered on 3/1/16

Hi Sarah Just wanted to say thank you again for such a fabulous party. The girls really enjoyed it and Rebecca said is was the best party ever ! Best wishes Liz

Posted by Liz Allen. Pampered on 6th Dec 2015

Princess Party: Just would like to say a massive thank you to Chloe & Lucy! Isla had a great time and the girls were very professional. Would highly recommend. Kind regards, Kim Hiscocks

Posted by Kim. Pampered on 25 Oct 2015

Hi Sarah Just a note to say a big thank you to Chloe and Lucy for such a fantastic Princess make over party on Sunday. Chloe and Lucy were brilliant and the girls all had such a great time. I can see what you mean about not to be worried when 2 young girls arrived on my doorstep but from the moment they arrived, they were calm, professional and most importantly in charge!! The girls had such a fun time and I cannot recommend them both highly enough. It was the most stress free party I have ever organised! Please pass on my thanks to both the girls. Kind regards Caroline

Posted by Caroline. Pampered on 5/7/15

Hi Sarah, just wanted to say a massive Thank You for the pamper party you done for Cerys. All the girls have a lovely time and enjoyed having their treatments. Will be recommending you to others. Thank you again!

Posted by Hermione Miles. Pampered on 02/05/15

Had a little princess in training party only five little four year old princess just perfectly pitched right. They really enjoyed. Which made mummy very happy xxx

Posted by Michele Hawkins. Pampered on 8/3/2015

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Posted by Sparkleworks!!. Pampered on 2014!!

Hi Sarah, just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the party you did for Rosie's 9th birthday. The girls that all turned up with their hairstyles still in tact this morning and my niece wouldn't let my sister take hers out either! It was a treat to take a back seat and chat with my family guests, as opposed to entertaining the children. You were highly entertaining, friendly and captured the nature of all the girls that attended, so not only did we have very happy children, but I was very happy too. I would highly recommend you to everyone. Thank you!

Posted by Sarah Curry. Pampered on Dec 2013

Today I had a sparkle works party and it was brilliant :) thank you Sarah !!

Posted by Lucy West. Pampered on 04/10/13

Thank you so much for this evening! Abi had a fabulous time and the girls all looked gorgeous and sparkly once you and Chloe had worked on them. I cannot fault your organisational skills and the fact that once the last guest had left there was nothing much for me to clean up so I carried on with my jug of Pimms! I will definitely be recommending you to friends (well those that don't already know you!)

Posted by Helen Savory. Pampered on 26.07.13

Today I went to my friends sparkle work party who is called Vicky! I had great fun and Sarah did very well with the hair and nails as she did moustache nails for me and they turned out great! I definitely recommend sparkle works as they did a fab job! Thanks Lucy

Posted by Lucy. Pampered on 28th June 2013

Thanks so much for a super party today I can't thank you enough, wonderful organisation and super treatments for the girls. We are both so impressed with the service you offer.

Posted by Ali Norris. Pampered on 27.01.13

Thanks sarah for making lornas 13th birthday party one she will remember for a long time, all the girls had a fantastic time.

Posted by sherry. Pampered on 22/12/2012

Sarah, my daughter had a lovely time at her 10th Birthday. Thank you for pampering her and her friends so professionally! Matt

Posted by Matt Stone. Pampered on 23rd December 2012

A belated THANK YOU Sarah, Isobel had a wonderful 6th birthday party, and was made to feel quite the princess, alongwith all the other princesses! I think you will be getting several telephone calls from other mummies wishing to book parties! Thanks again, you make it look so very easy! Jo x

Posted by Jo Gill. Pampered on Sunday 15th July

wow thank you for a lovely party i am having another party with sparkal works next monday the 2/7/12 you were brill suber and i will see u on mondaay

Posted by lily. Pampered on 2/7/11

Thanks Sarah for making an amazing party! You are absoulutely amazing! You have given me lots of tips and I love all your hairstyles/treatments! Thanks! xxxx

Posted by Cali Gough. Pampered on 12th May 2012

Thankyou Sarah and Chloe for making Grace's birthday party an amazing day, Grace and all of her friends enjoyed it so much and they cant wait for all the photo's to come on so they can have a look at them, the whole day was very enjoyable for them and for me, thanks again for making the day go brilliantly. louise xxxx

Posted by Louise Viles. Pampered on 11/02/12

Thank you sarah for making Megans Birthday so special. Megan and her friends had a fab time. This is the second time Megan has been to one of yoyr partys, as she went to her friend Jasmines party a few months ago. She talks about the partys for days after and is still enjoying her fab Nails and Body Art. I have never had just a relaxing birthday Party, sarahs ability to control the girls was amazing. Thank you again and I will definatly be recommending you to all my friends. Great value for money as well.

Posted by Kelly Graves. Pampered on 17/12/11

well i went to my friends birthday party and it was a load of fun i and another freind had are nails painted green with black dots it looks fab-u-lous and had are names written on our ankles the birthday girl had all 4 things done i am hopeing to have one for my birthday which is ages away but i WILL enjoy it but i hope everyone will enjoy there or there freinds sparkleworks makeover

Posted by em. Pampered on 29/07'11

Many thank yous to both Sarah and her daughter Chloe for making Eleanor's 10th birthday so special. This is the 3rd time you have visited us and Eleanor has always felt that your pampering of her and her friends has been the highlight of her birthday celebrations. From a parental point of view, no detail is over looked and no request too large. You are worth every penny and I think that your customer service is flawless. I can guarantee that this won't be the last time you see us!! With fondest regards, Sally and Paul D

Posted by Sally Demuth. Pampered on 26/06/2011

I have just had a Sparkleworks party for my daughter's 8th birthday and it was brilliant. Sarah and Chloe's ability to keep all the girls engaged and involved was fantastic. The girls really enjoyed the treatments, games and cocktails. It was very relaxing for me and entertaining for the girls. Thank you again. Superb!

Posted by Sarah Dawson. Pampered on 26th February

I loved it and so did my best buddys the all said that it was brilliant and love the nail art and the hair style's it was a blast thank you so so much i'm definetly haveing one in 2011 most deffenetly!!Tank you ever so much sarah!!!xxx

Posted by Nerys Hughes. Pampered on 9/10/10

wow what a fantastic party, my little girl madeline had a great time and so did all her friends and they all look amazing after their make overs, they loved there cocktails and the party bags where great, super vaule for money, and Sarah and Chloe where fantastic with the girls, i dont no how they do it, thank you so much.

Posted by Toni Theobald. Pampered on 30/01/11

I just wanted to say a big thank-you for the party that Vicky and Chloe did for my daughter Anna's 8th birthday this weekend. All the girls had a fantastic time and both Vicky and Chloe were absolutely superb. I have never felt so relaxed at one of my children's birthdays! You run a really professional business with a lovely personal touch. My younger daughter, Rachel, would like a party for her 6th birthday so Im going to book in now!

Posted by Karen Smith - Teacher!. Pampered on 8th Jan '11

A very intresting party and also very orgnised.

Posted by jess. Pampered on 13.11.10

Today, I went to my friend's 10th birthday party and it was awesome! We played twister 15 times, chinese wispers, dance mat and a guessing game while the other girls were pampered. The birthday girl goes first and gets all four treatments (hair, nail art, body art and face art) so the guests get two treatments, but I don't mind as it's worth waiting! We had Vicky, a very kind and helpful lady who pampered us and told us how to play the games! I loved being pampered by Vicky, as she payed attention to detail and understood what design I wanted, she even let me keep the hair accessories! Whoever is looking for a good enjoyable party ... choose SparkleWorks!!!

Posted by Doroteya Georgieva. Pampered on 24/10/10

loved it! Thanks Sarah! Love my nails and im so getting those nail pens! games were was lush....and LOVED the cocktails! Thanks Again!

Posted by Chloe N. Pampered on 23rd October

Both Millie and Rosie and their friends really enjoyed there make overs and the cocktail's. Thank you Sarah for a well organised and controlled party, allowing the girls to really enjoy themselves.

Posted by J. Sawyer. Pampered on 18th sept 2010

Absolutely fab party, all the girls really enjoyed it and went home looking gorgeous. I was really pleased because it was very well organised, very stress free and my house was left spotless! I will definately be booking again in the future.

Posted by Mrs Hext. Pampered on 30/07/2010

My daughter had a teen pamper party on Saturday, it was fantastic. The whole package in one go, treatments, cocktails and fab party bags. I was more than impressed with the value for money the girls had a great evening. Sarah made the evening very relaxed and friendly and also gave the girls some good advice. I would highly recommend this type of party. I had a great evening too! Many thanks Jo Ramage

Posted by Jo Ramage. Pampered on 24 July 2010

hi i thought the party was greate and i will have one for my b'day!

Posted by fiona whittle. Pampered on 16/7/10

Dear Vicky I had a wonderful birthday party and I especially liked my nails. I hope I have another Sparkleworks Party next year! Thanks Emily .S

Posted by Emily steadman. Pampered on 26/6/10

Vicky hosted an amazing party for Emily's 10th Birthday. All the girls had a brilliant time. Vicky managed the party from start to finish with very little for me to do- great! Thanks Vicky

Posted by K. Steadman. Pampered on 26 June 2010

Hi Vicky its Georgina from Ailish's party on Saturday. thank you we all had so much fun. it was a shame my best friend couldnt make it but she is back now and she said it sounds GREAT thank you very much . On Monday all the girls that went all wore thier hair how you did it .thank you very much VICKY on all of our behafe ,because i know nowone else will wright to you.we all liked our party bags!THANK YOU VICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by georgina. Pampered on Saturday 5th June

Hi Vicky, Ailish's party was the best party i've ever been to.Thank you so much for your time.Thanks again,Aleesha May Brewster

Posted by Aleesha May Brewster. Pampered on Saturday the 5th

Booked the party for my daufghter Ailish and some of her friends. They all loved it. Vicky was excellent and kept the children entertained. Very stress free party. Party bags were a great hit. Thanks again for a great party

Posted by michelle. Pampered on 5th June 2010

Wow! What a fantastic party. Very well organised, brilliant ideas, skillfull staff, very happy children! The best party we have ever had for our little princess. Recommend the cocktails too! Thank you Sparkle Works x

Posted by Debbie Broadbank. Pampered on 28th May 2010

Hi Sarah, Thanks you so much for the party you organised for Genevieve's 10th Birthday. All the girls had a brilliant time and as you promised, it was completely stress free for me. In fact it was hard to justify the post party glass of wine! Thanks again, Tina.

Posted by Tina Thorpe. Pampered on 30th May 2010

I went to my friends 10th birhday party and we all enjoyed ourselves whilst looking fab! It was a great 3rd sparkle works party! Thank you! : - )

Posted by Emily King. Pampered on 7th March 2010

Vicky you were the best party person that I have had for my parties. Thank you for doing my hair so brilliantly. I will try and stop biting my nails. The party was fantastic and all my friens looked great. Thank you for doing it . Love from Mims aged 8 .

Posted by Miriam Rodrigues. Pampered on 16 February 2010

I had a Sparkleworks party for my 10th Birthday and I'd like to thank Vicky for bringing lots of smiles and glitter to my party! We all looked fabulous!

Posted by Emily King. Pampered on 17th February 2010

This party was amazing:) The cocktails were amzaing. Loved it and my mates looked lush.

Posted by Megan Zimmer. Pampered on 23/01/10

the party that i went to was brilliant

Posted by Rosa. Pampered on 21th

Yet again, I have had a brilliant time, fab hair and nails nice cocktails too! Thank you :-)

Posted by Ellie Brown. Pampered on 09.01.10

Great Party! Loved every second of it! Me and my friends looked really nice! :) Thanks Again!

Posted by Kyra. Pampered on 5/9/09

Wow, I've been to loads of sparkleworks parties. They get better and better everytime!

Posted by Rebecca. Pampered on 20th Febuary 2009

I really like my nails, my hair, my body art and face art I liked everything! I liked the cocktails the most! This was the best party ever!

Posted by Alex Owen. Pampered on 30 oct

I really enjoyed my party! It was very organized and everybody that came to my party had as much fun as me! Some of my friends still have their hair in. That was one of my best b,day partys ever!!

Posted by Amy Godfrey. Pampered on Saturday 10th October

hi this is molly from mine and lauren's party.... thanx for such an amazing party, i will never forget it. Thanks sarah u did a real good job

Posted by molly smith. Pampered on 4/10/09

Was really great! My nails are brilliant and so are Lauren's! My sister yaz had really cute ladybirds!

Posted by Saffron wood. Pampered on 3rd of october

This party was like the best party i have ever had! Try it out!!

Posted by molly smith. Pampered on 4/10/09

Hi Sarah, i had a great time and my mum loved the hair and body art :)

Posted by Rikki The Hyper Girl. Pampered on 4/10/09

The party was great all of my friends want one now Thanks sarah

Posted by Charlotte hancock. Pampered on May 30th 2009

Thank you so much for an excellent party. Katie and her friends had a great time, Katie has been told that "it was officially the best birthday party .... ever".

Posted by Jo Duke. Pampered on May 2009

Hi, we all had a great time at Hopes party, the cocktails were really nice and the make- up lesson was great, also we got our hair and nails done and played some party games, thanks...x

Posted by Frances Oakland . Pampered on 28th March

Isabel had a fab time as did all her friends. They loved their make up, nails and hair do. I was really impressed with the way Sarah ran the party and the party games were so different from the norm. Now my older daughter Lucy wants a party and I am in the process of arranging this with Sarah.

Posted by angela pearce. Pampered on 12/02/09

Hey Sarah, its Dani from Hayley Royal's Party.This is what I thought:It was so good! I loved it! Sarah was really nice, and knows how to throw great party.She gave loads of great advice on make-up ect. Its so cool having sobody come do your mke-up you feel like your really specially!I really want a SparkleWorks Party for my Birthday!It is amazing!Thanks Sarah!Hope 2 see you soon!XxX

Posted by Dani Lifford. Pampered on Saturday7thMarch2009

Hiya Sarah! It's me Lauren Hoard! I think that your parties ROCK and I've decided to have one for my 12th birthday party this year! Including my 10th birthday party I've been to 9 Sparkleworks parties in my life! I'm hoping to go to more LOL:p!!! See you! Lauren xoxoxo

Posted by Lauren Hoard. Pampered on 20th February 2009

hey sarah its lauren from lauras party. it was great every body was asking who did my nails and hair had a great time. my friend from school elyssia asked her parents if she could have her party with u her parents said maybe but its not till next year LOL !!!!! talk to u later thanks lauren xx

Posted by lauren. Pampered on 6.2.09


Posted by MEGAN,GEORGIA&JESSICA. Pampered on 10/01/2009

Hiya Sarah! Thanks what u done it was brillant i kept my hair in for school everyone LOVED IT.Naomi kept hers in & some of the others.It was good to see u again you've put so much efort into it we were all talking about it at school.Thanks very much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Summer. Pampered on 7/12/08

Hiya Sarah! It's Laura from Phoebe's party we'd all like to say thanks and that we LOVE what you've done! It was a ton of fun, I recommend it to any girl out there! xxx

Posted by Laura. Pampered on 28/11/08

Hiya!! Thanx soooo much for the party Sarah! It was FAB! I loved my nails! P.S. Sorry it took so long to put a coment on here, my Dad had to set up an e - mail adress, cause I don't have one. xxxx

Posted by Francesca. Pampered on 01/11/08

What a fantastic party my daughter had - its a real relief to have a party and not have anything to worry about - Sarah takes care of everything (If you want her to). I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone... its the second party Sparkleworks have done for me - I only wish I had more girls !!!! Fantastic organisation and fun. xx

Posted by Katie Blackburn. Pampered on 8 November 2008

I've been to four sparkleworks parties (including my sisters) and overall i think they're fab! I had really good fun having the treatments and playing all the games :)

Posted by Emily Bullock. Pampered on 1/11/08 - Frankie's Party

Sarah, that was probrabl;y the best party i have been to! i loved the advice you gave me and my mates and it was great!i loved the goodie bags and the hair.. i am probrably going to have a sparlkeworks party for my 13th birthday!! Thanks, once again :P

Posted by Laura. Pampered on 01/11/08

Everyone had a lot of fun and this party would have been my 5th!!! Sarah is really funny and makes the party enjoyable!!!! :D

Posted by Emma. Pampered on 1/11/08

OMG..It was fab!!!..My hair and nails looked great!..We all had such a good laugh! I really want a sparkle party now!.. I loved the cocktails! YUMMY Sarah did such a good job! Thanks.

Posted by Eugenie Henshaw. Pampered on 1/11/08

Thank you for an amazing party we both had a great time it was so much fun . we love our nails .

Posted by georgia & megan harris. Pampered on 18/10/08

thanks Sarah the party was amazing. Freya, Georgia, megan, me and the little ones had an amazing time. Thank you my hair looks great and i have had a great time.

Posted by rebecca Hardy. Pampered on 18.10.08

itss Fantastic fun the Games were great and everythink i would definatly have you againn.

Posted by Sophiee. Pampered on ???

Hi Sarah, today at Laurens party was amazing I really enjoyed it. Thank you. From Emily (with the very pale blue eyes)

Posted by Emily B-S. Pampered on 20.07.08

thanks sarah 4 another fab party, i loved my hair and nails!! :)

Posted by emma. Pampered on 19.07.08

Thanks Sarah For yet another lovely party, 3 now! and been to 6 altogether. Greer especially loves the hair styles you do and the fab nails!!!!!

Posted by Greer and Leah . Pampered on 24th May

a big thanx for a fab party which made a little girls birthday. only booked last minute but no effert spared with all the hassel taken out for me as a parent. second time round and even better than before with new games and gadgets, life saver!! xx

Posted by gill smith. Pampered on 25.05.08

It was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved my face and body art! I particually liked the dance mats.

Posted by harriet maxwell. Pampered on 16 may 2008

I had a great time and I LOVE my HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ellie. Pampered on 17 may

It was really good. I love my nails. My hair was good too. The games were really fun! I had a great time =]

Posted by Rhia =]. Pampered on 3 May 08

Great Fun. My fave bit was doing the hair, it gave me loads of new ideas. It was a good laugh (:

Posted by Sally (:. Pampered on May 3rd 2008

It was great! We had a laugh and had loads of fun! =] Loved the nails and the hair style! =D

Posted by Laura. Pampered on 03/05/08

I really enjoyed my sparkleworks party it was exactly what i was looking for you dont only get makeovers you get to play silly games in between. I loved all the games in between they were really fun and my makeover was cool! i like to say thank you to sarah for organising my party it was great

Posted by becky . Pampered on Saturady 3rd May 2008

It was gr8 i had lots of fun thanks sarah

Posted by Rosie. Pampered on 11.04.08

Thank you Sparkleworks for another amazing, stress free party - Gemma wants you again next year, then it'll be three in a row! Love Jane - Gemma's relaxed, tea drinking Mum!

Posted by Gemma and Jane. Pampered on 19.04.08

My sister Emma (the birthday girl) and I loved our nails and especially loved the cocktails!

Posted by Carmen . Pampered on 04.04.08

Hi just wanted to say i had a great time and i love my nails!

Posted by Lauren. Pampered on 15.04.08

heyya ... the party was great ... i loved all the different choices of styles you could have and the hair was fantastic !

Posted by Bethan. Pampered on 15.04.1008

Heyya .. ii Just Want To Say Thanx-You Veryy Much . ii Looked Realiy Nicee..:D You Realy Cool .. Thanx Agen Love Katiie x

Posted by Katiie. Pampered on 13th april

Thank you for a fantastic well organised 2 hours of fun and pampering at my daughter Chloe's birthday party, Every little detail had been thought of, all I had to do was open the door to let in the guests...fantastic !!! My little princess had a great time, I will be recommending your services, thank you and well done!!!

Posted by Sandra. Pampered on 12th April

Hey ! Thank-you so much for doing my nails they look FANTASTIC ! And i love the Body Art ! Love from Hannah x

Posted by Hannah. Pampered on 13 April

Hello thank-you ever so much i looked GAWGUSS Ox (your a good dancer is well ) :p

Posted by Scarlett . Pampered on 13th April

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